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The Perfect Mattresses And Bedding Guide For Your Baby

It may be possible to get confused about what babies can sleep in or on the market for too many brands. Note that your baby’s best mattresses are firm and flat and covered with waterproof protection. The best place for your baby to sleep is for the first six months on its sleeping pad, in the same bed as you do. A basket or cot is a safe place to sleep for a newborn. See our product guide to better pick your baby’s bedding.

Use In Good Shape A Firm, Flat And Waterproof Mattress:

A waterproof sheet should be used on top of a firm and smooth Bestmattress-brand mattress. Since the cover may be cleaned, this helps to keep the mattress clean and dry. Make sure the baby’s mattress is in good condition and suits the Moses bassinet or furniture well.

Soft Or Bulky Bedding Should Not Be Used:

Standing wrapped in covers and sheets or baby sleep bags, not past shoulder height, is comfortable for a baby to sleep in. Before each night, delete all soft toys from the cot. Sleep your baby on your feet and prevent the use of fluffy and voluminous bedding, including quilts, pillows, and couches.

Pillows Will Increase SIDS Risk:

It has been shown that pillow use alone increases SIDS chances by up to 2.5 times. Suppose you thought of using your baby’s pillow due to plagiocephaly (or flat head syndrome). Some methods can be used to support plagiocephaly that does not raise the chance of SIDS. We know that plagiocephaly is normally right after a year, so you may want to talk to your healthcare provider or get corrective therapy if you like it’s serious. See more about our straightforward cot recommendations here. We encourage babies to spend plenty of time on the back of their wakes to minimize their time and avoid having babies sleep in tougher sleep conditions such as car seats and other transport systems.

Our Tip For The Use Of Second-hand Mattresses:

It may be popular either by friends and family or by previous children to use a second-hand mattress. Any study has shown that a greater risk of SIDS is present where a second-hand mattress from outside the family home is used, even though the correlation has not yet been shown. To minimize this risk, ensure that your selected mattress is fully covered, without rips or breaks, and in good shape, with a waterproof cover. The mattress should remain solid and flat to keep your baby healthy.

Remove Bumpers From The Cot:

Cot bumpers can pose a danger for your baby as they start rolling and moving around the cot. In the UK and elsewhere, children have been caught in the bond and substance or have collapsed from pulling up the bumpers. A simple mattress without loose bedding or bumpers in your furniture is the best place to sit for a newborn. Learn more about our cot bumpers recommendations in this article.

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